Are you ready for the future of accounting?

By David Darcy, Greenlight Training CEO

The rise in popularity of DIY accounting software and outsourcing of work means the accounting industry is facing an uncertain future. As an accountant, are you prepared for what the future holds?

The accountant’s role as a trusted advisor will move beyond financial figures. Businesses will also expect an accountant to be able to measure their environmental and social impact, and offer solutions to improve the bottom line, enhance, enhance brand reputation and increase transparency for stakeholders.

Are you ready for this shift? It’s already happening!

Resource management, in particular, is an increasingly important area businesses need to monitor.

As resources like fuel and water become more expensive and scarce, it is important for the accountant to consider ways in which they can reduce these costs. This may be through conducting bill reviews, reducing consumption and improving operational efficiency.

Consult with your colleagues from relevant departments (e.g. production or facilities) and start by isolating the high cost areas and investigating viable opportunities to reduce these costs.