Accounting for the Environment: Non-Financial Reporting


Non-Financial Reporting for Accountants will teach you how to prepare accurate, verifiable data for your organisation’s environmental and sustainability reporting requirements.  It will provide you with the knowledge and tools to develop important data indicators and help you to effectively deal with information requests, from both internal and external sources. This course will bring value to your current role, enabling you to operate at a more strategic level and contribute to your organisation’s sustainability objectives.

Target Audiences: 
  • Accountants in business or in Practice
  • Company Business Managers


Expected Duration: 

90 Minutes for the online Module

Course Objectives: 

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand the wide range of standards and guidelines which underpin non-financial reporting
  • Apply a data analysis process to extract material information
  • Develop accurate metrics for non-financial reporting
  • Understand the risks and opportunities associated with non-financial reporting
  • Assist with Assurance and verification requirements
  • Begin preparing for a move towards Integrated Reporting
Continuing Professional Development: 

This course can contribute credits towards Continuing Professional Development for members of CPA Australia, the Institute of Chartered Accountants, the Institute of Public Accountants and ACCA Australia.


The course includes a number of resources which you will have access to throughout your training to support you in applying the knowledge and skills from the course. These include:

  • Downloadable excel templates
  • Access to blogs and experts
  • Current whitepapers

Note: On line courses will be updated by Greenstreets experts if legislation changes and will be made available to users at no additional investment during the licensed term.

What we cover on the course

Module 1 – Introduction to Non-Financial Reporting

This module sets the scene and helps you to:

  • Understand the range of standards and guidelines that make up non-financial reporting
  • Identify the requirements of a number of the main standards that rely on our input
  • Become familiar with Integrated Reporting, the future link between financial and non-financial reporting
  • Be able to communicate to stakeholders the benefits of greater involvement in non-financial reporting

Module 2 - Information Analysis

In this module you will learn about:

  • Effectively engaging with relevant stakeholders for non-financial reporting metrics
  • The links between financial and non-financial reports for baseline and benchmark development
  • Continuously monitoring and targeting non-financial reporting obligations
  • Reviewing the relevant indicators and their materiality in relation to your company

Module 3 – Mitigating Risk & Identifying Opportunity

The focus of this module is:

  • Understanding the risks associated with non-financial reporting, including compliance statements, security of the supply chain and social licence
  • Identifying and evaluating the opportunities to reduce expenditure, make savings and access funding
  • Managing the personal or professional risks of non-compliance in relation to your role

Module 4 - Preparing Non-Financial Data from Management Accounts

By the end of this module, you will be able to:

  • Understand how to relate your financial data to key indicators in non-financial reports
  • Understand the requirements for economic, environmental and social indicators for non-financial reporting
  • Recognise the qualities of a good reporting process

Module 5 – Sustainability Assurance and Verification

In this module you will understand:

  • The definitions and differences between assurance and verification, their purpose and benefits
  • The principles of non-financial assurance
  • The process, roles and responsibilities you might have in relation to the data requirements, scope and approach to assurance.

Module 6 - Your Action Plan & Toolkit

In this final module, you will focus on moving your learning from the theoretical to the practical, enabling you to put what you have learned on this course into practice to positively impact on your organisation's bottom line, its sustainability and its reputation.

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